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Light Up Mood Curved Table

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A contemporary LED Illuminated rechargeable coffee table, the LED Mood Curved Table has a white polythylene outer that contains an LED heart. Charge for 6-8 hours at the mains for 8-14 hours of use (dependant on brightness setting). The contemporary curved table scrolls through a series of colours or can be set onto one colour and you control the brightness and morph speed depending upon the mood that you would like to set. Fully portable and IP65 rated the Curved Table can be used outdoors in fair weather (The adaptor isn't IP65 so should only be charged indoors) or indoors.

The Led Mood Curved Table, LED Curved Seat, and LED Tripod Seat can all be contolled via the same remote control simultaneously.

  • Size: 70cm diameter x 40cm
  • White polythylene with LED inner
  • Colour morphing
  • Control brightness and colour morph speed
  • 7 key colours
  • Charge for 6-8 hours for 8-14 hours of continuous use depending upon intensity
  • Multi function remote control included

Suggested retail Price£
Product packagingBoxed
Product dimensions70cm diameter x 40cm
Product weight8kg
Inner quantity (MOQ)N/A
Inner weightN/A
Inner dimensionsN/A
Carton quantity1
Carton weight8kg
Carton dimensions71cm x 71cm x 43cm
Mains powerElectric power: 3W
Output pressure: 5V1A

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